Automatic Cereal Thresher Machine // NCK-04 TD

Cetinkayalar NCK-04 TD Automatic collecting and threshing machine separates products such as beans, chickpeas , vetch ,lentils ,barley and wheat plucked and dried in the field from the crust and fills them to the depot. Converts crust and stalks to hay with forging unit and transfers them to the trailer. Reduces work power, provides an efficient and fast harvest.

Technical Specifications



Total Lenth

5550 mm

Total Widht

2200 mm

Total Height

3150 mm

Total Weight

2600 kg

Feeding Chamber

1200 mm

Beator Knive Number

54 units


9.00 x 16

Traw Width

1700 mm

Tractor Required Power

48 HP


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