Mobile Thresher // NCK-02 DM

NCK-02 DM Mobile System Thresher Machine harvests wheat, barley, gruel, rye and also does so such as pea, lentil, bean, broad bean creal products by changing pulley and belt. It has been designed according to the walking working system. Therefore, it saves from oil, labor, time, and worker. It fills the creal backwards of the trailer and the closed trailer affixed to the backwards for the straw machinery. The required move for these processes is provided by the gear wheel which is specially designed from the tractor rear pivot.

Our machinery can storage on itself up to 750 kg. wheats and cereal storage. It unloads the cereal in the storage owing to its lift not before time. It can carry on harvesting through hydroulic lift in the axel on the inclined land. Through changing the sifter, you can get straw in the desired thin and thick.

Model NCK-02 DM
Total Lenght 4600 mm
Total Width 1900 mm
Total Height 3350 mm
Total Weight 1900 kg
Feeding Hader 1200 mm
Beater Knives Number 44 pcs.
Tire Size 7,50 x 16
Storage Volume 750 kg
Working Capacity 2000kg/hour
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